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Connecting farmers in the Fraser Valley with local communities and useful resources

Fraser Valley AgroConnect

Fraser Valley AgroConnect is operated by Enactus University of the Fraser Valley (UFV), a student organization that starts non-profit business ventures that aid with social, economic, and environmental issues in the Fraser Valley region. AgroConnect seeks to help farmers with information gathering in the form of grant opportunities and current events, articles and personalized advice, and recruitment by connecting them with students interested in agricultural carriers and opportunities.

Our team has compiled information on available grants and will help with the application process upon request. This database we have created will grant farmers the opportunity to increase sales, form new connections and stay up to date with current local events and business opportunities. Finally, with over 15,000 students attending, UFV is a prime location to find student workers.

As Fraser Valley AgroConnect establishes and grows, we hope to become a trusted and valuable resource to farmers in the Fraser Valley community.

Enactus UFV Regionals 2022 – Fraser Valley AgroConnect

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